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"Le zagare" (Orange Blossoms)

are the white orange and lemon flowers that, in May, when they blossom, they fill the air with their fragrances of a sweet and intense scent, and in the warm spring nights invite you to relax. It takes inspiration from the name of our B&B which, on over 2.500 square metres extension with orange, lemon, mandarin and grapefruits trees, offers the possibility to enjoy this delightful sensation.

Strategically placed in the heart of Salento, it offers in oly 15 minutes the opportunity to reach Lecce, rich of art city (a "unicum" its Baroque) and well known as “South Florence”; in 10 minutes Gallipoli, famous place that faces on Jonio Sea with its gold beaches ; Otranto, last eastern point of Italy on Adriatic Sea with its beautiful rocks and seabeds; in 40 minutes S. Maria di Leuca “de finibus terrae” where Jonio and Adriatic meets their waters.

Thanks to its location, it permits to easily visit little towns of "Grecìa Salentina", dominated by Greeks, and almost now people use this old idiom.

More informations about events, exhibition and manifestations will be supplied to the visitors, who may taste many typical dishes, and various other options: cultural and religious tourism
, folkloristic and sporting, from Jonic-Adriatic coasts to sunny hinterland countries . A land to know and discover and rediscover from S.Maria di Leuca to Squinzano, from Otranto to Gallipoli;

a Salento to love..